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      Friends down south....

      Hi everyone.
      I have already posted on the welcome section....

      Myself and Keeley are looking to meet friends south of the city,( yes shocking i know, here 2 years and still no friends lol)

      I've had a good look through the forums and everyone seems so nice and helpful. If anybody fancies meeting up at anytime for a drink and a chat or a night out or anything, give me a pm or a text mob. 0430734549

      Cheers guy's

      Martin and Keeley.

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      Hi, My family also planning to migrate to SA in near future and I need to choose a good place considering schooling, job opportunities. Our kids are 5 years and 4 years. Please let me know some locations/names of the cities suitable to live with small kids. What about Adelaide city? or any good areas, then I can make necessary arrangement for our accommodation. We would like to know correct picture, that's why I am asking from you, since you r are living there. Thanks. samadi


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