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      Meeting people in Adelaide


      Got the chance to move over to SA but this would be on my own and I am now pushing on 35. Got a great life and circle of friends and fanily in the UK but has always been a dream of mine to give Oz ago. Already visited a couple of times but one of the nagging doubts in my mind is at 35 how easy is it socialise and meet up with like minded people? Most of my friends are life long from growing up and sharing pastimes which friendships have been made over years. I would not have a worry 10 years ago but although I love a drink clubbing & pubs etc is not all I am about nowadays.

      Silly I now, but the doubts are that are there would not have bothered me before.

      Thanks from a frustrated and confused Pom.


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      well it's a good question but i think easy to answer if you dont mind me saying:)
      I say give it a go or you will live the rest of your life kicking your self, australians are real friendly people, just ask anybody on here.
      everybody who has made the move over has had to leave friends behind, but these people will still be your friends and can visit you for great holidays, i know people this has happend to.
      if you make the move and still feel homesick then you can always move back to blighty.
      but the longer you decide about it the more the chance will pass you by.

      i am sure you will love it and make new friends easy, lots of us on here will no doubt meet up and become friends once in adelaide. and adelaide has some nice bars close to the beach and in the city centre or CBD as we now have to call it! i dont think you can loose.

      what do the rest of us PIS's think????

      P.S we are mostly on first name terms on here, what do we call you?

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      Well if your into your golf the Galahs are always looking for new members........?!?!

      Cheers Graham

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      WE are still in the UK, we have only lived here in Daventry for a short while so luckly don't have the same problems as you:) however we will all need to make new friends and you may even make good ones, but you will never know if you don't try!!!

      You will make the right decision for you in the end.

      Nikki and Lee
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      Hi awelly58!!!!

      I came here 6 months ago knowing one women who lived in Brighton.

      Now my mobile phone is stuffed with numbers and I spend more time arranging meet ups and texting than I do getting any work done!!

      I'm a similar age to you and I haven't found it to be a problem to make friends here. I have a 4 year old so that has helped with meeting mums from kindy. But the rest of my friends have come from meeting lovely people off this and other forums and through my husbands work.

      I've got 2 fantastic best friends at home whome I've known since a teenager but life moves on and you do adapt to new circumstances and make the most of friendships here.
      Ok, your new friends here may not know you inside out like those do back home but in time, you never know!!

      I know alot of the girls on here are always up for a coffee or a night out, so when you get here, put a post up or PM us and we'll sort something out!!

      Judi xx:)
      Lol.....I've just realised after posting this.....I don't know if you are a man or a women!!!! Ha Ha. Well if you are a guy then take from above what you will because I don't think my husband will be too happy about meeting up, if you are a girl, then defo PM!!!!
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      It seems much easier to make friends here than the uk as on the whole people are friendlier ;)

      We have only been here 4 months and have a fantastic circle of friends here and not a week goes by without the calendar being full to the brim :o Forums are a great place to start getting to know people and arranging meet ups when you arrive here ;)


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      I am 30 and moved to Australia by my self 2 months ago. Everyone is really friendly, My neighbour takes me to the pub on a saturday afternoon. Im looking for work at the moment and im sure i'll make friends when i do. I go to yoga and swimming and long walks along the beach. I write, email & phone my friends on skype. Im really enjoying it at the moment. I kept putting off coming to Australia for years, but i spent more time worrying about doing it than actuly doing it and if i decide i dont like it i can always go back to the UK in a few years. What have you got to lose?

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      Hi Awelly,
      we came here 9 years ago and love it, we are 42ish with two boys 13 and 16. Went bak to uk (Hartlepool) 5yrs ago, this actually confirmed the reasons for our move, many times over.

      Have a friend in Hartlepool who has visited Oz many times but feels the same as you, he is now 42ish and probably too old to emigrate - depending on current requirements - he WILL regret this for the rest of his life quite likely.

      if you can do so why not go through with the emigration and give it a fair go for 2yrs or so? Then at least you will know, and there will be no regrets. I think to get to an older age and sit there thinking; What if??? is pretty sad and not what I would want to do.

      your choice mate, but make sure it is the right one...

      cya Steve
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      Your Responses

      A great big thanks for all your replies, quite overwhelming. By the way the name is Andy and good to hear from you all. Got a big decision to make and so many of your comments have struck a cord with what I have been thinking and going through. As person I am really out going and have loads of pastimes such as golf, football, all sports really scuba and many more.

      You will be hearing more and more from me and what help and good site this is. Will be needing as much help as poss with the move if I decide to go ahead.


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      Of course you are going to worry about meeting new people and 'starting over' in Adelaide. Or anywhere else you would want to migrate to. Whether it is Oz or anywhere else in the world, your worries are of course going to be the same.

      I was brought up in Adelaide, but in 1991, at the age of 24, I met an English girl travelling around. We went back to the UK together, got married, mortgage, etc. etc. and finally got divorced 4 years ago.

      I have just come back to Adelaide after 16 years away, although I had the occassional holiday to catch up with my family.

      Now I have been back 6 weeks and ALL my friends from school have moved away or whatever and walking around my stomping ground I've found that everthing is different and I recognise no-one. I pretty much feel like I may as well have emigrated myself, so I can kind of understand your concerns.

      But Australian society is structured very differently to British society. I think you will find that generally the people are a lot friendlier. Aussies are more at ease with chatting to anyone and once you get here you will soon see that. But most important is the difference in population spread...

      In the UK, apart from the cities, there is a higher proportion of the population spread across the country in small towns and villages with crap or non-existant public transport rather than in Oz, where the vast majority of the population live in the suburbs of the major cities. So unless you drive anywhere you're stuffed. And if you drive then you can't drink.
      But don't picture Australian suburbs like those surrounding London, Birmingham, etc. Space is generally not a problem and so things are a lot more spread out and parks and green spaces and the such are a LOT more abundant. Nor are new housing estates built so that everyone lives in each other's back pocket.
      With such surroundings, and the climate, people tend to be a lot more relaxed. As a result, making new friends, socialising with workmates after hours, neighbours, weekend socialising, etc. is generally a lot easier because distances that need to be travelled are generally less of a problem than in the UK. And poeple are a lot more open to going to the local park, having a barbie and a few beers and generally chilling out. Work social events are also much more regular and popular and don't just consist of going to the pub after work (although there's plenty of that too!).

      Forums like these are ideal for meeting other newly-arrived Brits in your local area when you first arrive here, but once you secure work somewhere, then the world is your oyster. You'll find that Australian workplaces are a LOT less cliquey and soon you will be complaining of not much 'me-time'!

      So whatever you do, don't worry about meeting people and making new friends. Trust me, in Australia that WON'T be a problem!
      But if worse comes to worse, send me an e-mail and I'll take you for a drink!:D


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