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      Moving to Aldinga

      Hello All

      We finally got here. We have decided to move to Aldinga Beach.
      Looks really family orientated but looking for things for my wife to do as we have 3 kids (1,3&5)
      can anyone reccomened places etc?

      Kind Regards

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      Hi Mark & Rachel :)

      i think there are quite a few kid groups that go on in Aldinga - there definately is a playgroup that meets on a tuesday!i dont live in aldinga but know people who do and i'm sure they will be on here soon to let you know all the details...

      in moana community centre (ten mins up the road) there is a playgroup on monday & wednesday morning and kindi gym on a tuesday. most kindis attached to schools have a playgroup on a friday morning too.

      lots of different stuff going on - sure someone will be along to fill you in on the details.

      i've got three (twins of 3 & 9 mth old) and we are out n about every day (i hate being stuck in the house!)

      also play n fun (play zone) in christies beach is a good place to visit

      Hope you all settle in ok :)

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      We live in Aldinga we have been here since October 2009 and love it we are renting at the moment but are due to start building soon on the Sunday Estate. Our kids are a bit older 8 & 6 so are at school. I can always assist with a coffee and a chat and some help with things you need. When you get settled you will find plenty to do. Send me a pm if you want help or a meet up

      Laura xx:D



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