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      Ric & Paula

      Lads night out at the Palais

      Hi all, Do any of you fella's living up in or around Semaphore or over in the Port etc, fancy meeting up for a beer or 3 at the Palais on the seafront at semaphore any evening next weekend (16th-18th April)?, mother in law possibly coming over, need an escape route?? let me when's suitable for you, Rick.
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      My hubby might keen to go out for a few drinks. Probably the 16th or 17th. Let me know if you are interested. He was supposed to be having a get together with a couple of lads from pia on the 17th, so maybe that night would be good.


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      Ric & Paula
      Hi Fri 16th sounds good,send me a pm and I can send our number,Cheers Ric

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      Ric & Paula
      Can do either date though 17th would be good too

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      Yes i d be up for a few beers as well, can do either friday or saturday.

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      Ric & Paula
      Hi J and J, Its Ric just to let you know there's another PIA get together on saturday night, So if you are still up for it we could meet up at the Palais and then head over to the other one, Its at someone's house and they'll be playing pool and having a few beers? If you want to give me a ring and let me know you can contact me on 0410330955

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      im up for it. give me a call on 0424308558 Terry



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