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      Parents & Kids Group - Hallett Cove

      Hi all,

      Just to let you know that the Parents & Kids Group which met at the Hallett Cove Uniting Church every Friday morning has now run its course.
      Our main aim was to get expats together (newbies) and build a social network, so people would have a place to come and make new friends.
      We STILL want this to happen but the venue will change and it may not be every friday like before.

      If you are quite new to PIA you'll pleased to know that a strong social network has been built up over the past months.
      Its been wonderful to meet new people and each meet up draws more new faces.

      So, keep your eye on the social/get together section for up and coming meets. Please by all means PM myself, Donna T and Saz and Guzzler to find out the latest info when you arrive.
      If anyone else would like to add to this list of people, then add your name within the thread.

      Thanks to everyone who came along to Hallett Cove P & K group and I look forward to seeing you all again in coming weeks.

      Warm Regards

      Judi xox

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      well done Judi, we will keep the flame burning one way or another
      all the best


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