Hi everyone (although more like to be ladies) - I am organising a Partylite Candle Party for Wednesday 14th July at 7.30ish.
For those who know Partylite candles I'm sure I don't have to sell this any harder, for those of you who don't, why not come along and meet new people, and maybe have a glass of wine (or two).
Whilst I'm organising this because I love the Partylite products and sold all my candles before we came out so need to restock, I'd love to meet some new people and this is an opportunity to do a bit of socialising. Don't be shy, and you're more than welcome to bring a friend.
We're in Lower Mitcham and if anyone is interested, the other half will be looking for somewhere to escape to!
If you would like to come along then PM me and I can send you the address and my phone number.
Hope to see you here,
Sara (& Mark)