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      Anyone from the Rosetrevor area?

      I've been in Adelaide for three years and seperated from my husband nearly a year ago. I've made some really nice friends since being here but most of them were OUR friends. I'm now hoping to make my own friends, male or female, ideally with young children. Would be nice to meet up with the kids at weekends, my daughter loves making new friends. Feel free to private message me. :v_SPIN:

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      Hi, I'm just round the corner in Athelstone and I am also looking for friends for my daughter and myself. I'm resently separated and would like to find some new friends in the area. My daughter is 2 years and 9 months and enjoys playing with kids of her own age or older. I love spending time with my daughter but would like to see her playing with other kids as well, dads not always enough. Plus I would like to be able to have some adult conversation with somebody. If you'd like to get a coffee sometime or meet at Thorndon park with the kids let me know.
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      Nice to hear from you. Thorndon park is a great place my daughter loves it there. I received your PM but it won't let me reply directly to it. My email address is yummymum@mail.com.

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      Hi I have sent you an email to the address you have listed above I hope you recieved it. If not let me know.



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