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    Thread: Adelaide Show Fireworks?

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      Adelaide Show Fireworks?

      Hi Everyone

      Just wondering if anyone knows if you can go to the Show in the evening just to see the Fireworks? If so, how much does it cost?

      Thanks everyone

      Einir x

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      really not worth paying to go in just for the fireworks. Drive down to Leader St at the Goodwood Rd end and you will hear them and see most of them. Alternatively, if not cloudy, drive up to Windy Point on the Belair Rd, admire the street lights below and you will also see the fireworks.
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      Thanks for your reply, didn't really want to pay just for the fireworks, we'll probably go to Windy Point then x

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      Quick question, are the Fireworks every night? What time do they start please?

      Thanks again, Einir

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      Fireworks are at 9pm each night but we found that the view from Windy point was very distant and didn't much enjoy the show in previous years. I would reccommend being a little closer as someone mentioned earlier.



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