Just came across this site by accident. I'm in my mid 40s (but still young at heart and in mind lol). Been in Adelaide for 7 years and still havent managed to meet people to socialise with. Being single I suppose makes it that much harder. Despite this I can still say Australia is the place to be.

Whilst reading a few of these threads, my heart and admiration goes out to all you new or potentially new migrants. It is one HUGE step to move to the other side of the world to face the unknown, the unfamiliar, to leave your friends and family.

It took a while for me but eventually I settled however, the pain of missing my friends does not seem to go away. I think this site is a great idea and, if anyone is interested in meeting up for a natter /social chat, then do let me know. Or,

If anyone would just like some advice or some tips, then please feel free to contact me.

(ex Cardiff Girl)