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    Thread: Unhappy Teenager....

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      [QUOTE=mandy.p;147342]Hi there my two fourteen year old daughters and I arrived in adelaide 3 wks ago leaving my 10 year old son and partner in the uk dealing with a nightmare sale of our house in the uk which is becoming a big problem. We are all homesick and missing are loved ones my daughters have started Findon High they have made friends but are sying the kids are boring they dont go out after school or on weekends so they feel like prisoners god love them so do I cos I havnt met anybody yet we are down in the dumps so if you like we could arrange to meet up I dont drive but have been finding my way round on buses.My daughters find the kids have got a different sense of humour here they were used to having a big group of friends in Liverpool who they could socialise with and get out and about so its been tears and tantrums and right now the want to go home x Mandy[/QUOTE

      I can add to my earlier post and say that my daughter had this problem also in her old school.
      Now that she attends a different school it is now completely different.
      Her old friends did not go out much out of school but at this school she often goes from school to friends houses or Marion, Subway etc. At the weekends we don,t see her, she,s at friends having sleepovers.
      Not saying its the answer to your problems but it was for us.


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      I am here with my 13 year old daughter - we got to Oz three months ago, and arrived in Adelaide four weeks ago. At last she has started (primary!) school and she is happier now she is meeting new friends.

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      [Hi all

      my daughter is 12 (13 in jan) is also at primary school will start high school next jan
      she has been home sick and wants to go back but dosen't understand the life we had there is gone as we were only in the wirral due to her dads job and now that job is here so even if we could go back to england it wouldn't be where she has spent the last 6 yrs
      she has made a few friends in primary school but is not as comfortable with her new friends and always seems on edge with them she says she always seems to say the wrong thing and they don't get the joke!! she said it gets awkward sometimes I do really feel for her as have had similer experiances at work but feel I'a better equiped to deal with and awkward moments and better able due to age experiance and I don't really care what peaple think of me but thats obviously important to my daughter

      I also thing she is trying not to get to attatched to her new friends as they are all going to different high schools (she had alot to input into the school and got her 1st preferance) so hopping she finds some friends she is more comfortable with next year

      deb x


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