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      Adelaide Central

      Anyone fancy meeting up in Adelaide City / North Adelaide? A lot of the meet ups are outside Adelaide, and I live right by the city and am reliant on public transport so a central location would be great.

      I moved here last month.

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      Hi Londongirl.

      We (My Husband and I) live just north of North Adelaide and have recently found THE best Indian restaurant! So if you fancy a curry and a chat we are definately up for it - Friday or Saturday nights are good for us.

      (If you want something other than curry there's loads to choose from so name your preference...)

      Bit of info - I'm 28, OH 34, been in Adelaide nearly a year now.


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      Hi Turquoisefox - great to hear from you! Whereabouts is the Indian restaurant? We have been in Adelaide all of one month (Australia for three months), I am 48 and have a 13 year old in tow, so need to be close to city and early to get home on public transport. Would that would suit you? Otherwise a daytime meetup might be better.


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      Hey, so the Indian restaurant is in North Adelaide (sorry thought I'd said that!) so should be pretty good for public transport to the city - from my knowlege there is 2 buses that go at least every half hour to the city up until midnight. We can do early evening - just say what time is best for you.

      BTW, the restaurant is called "Beyond India", at 170 O'Connell St, North Adelaide.

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      hi,london girl coming over for a reccie on nov 26.can meet up

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      Hey - Dave & Londongirl - I have a suggestion - how about friday night 29th?
      More the merrier! Let me know and I can book a table x

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      That's sounds like a good idea. Let's keep the thread going so others can come along if they want to.

      (PS please book a place for my daughter too, thanks!)

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      Hiya. I've been here 6 weeks and would love to come too if someone could suggest where to dump the car! What time were you thinking of booking the table for?

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      North Adelaide Meet Up

      Was thinking of around 6pm. People can obviously arrive as and when, if that is too early for them. I think there is plenty of parking around O'Connell St, but then again, the Ozzie parking signs are difficult to understand!....


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      Hi everyone, 6pm sounds good to me... I'll wait until Monday to book so we have an idea of numbers...
      As for parking - there is a bit of on street parking also a car park "house" further down O Connell St towards the City on the right hand side - it is sign posted...


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