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      Pete L

      Smile Hi Chippie if your out there in Adelaide

      Hi Chippie
      Glad we bumped into you in Glenelg last October was intresting talking to you.
      Hope all is well ?? Hows the job front?
      Yes we have managed to do a lot when we came to Adelaide more than we could have imagined .
      Plot of land in Mount Barker is ours and we should be starting to build in 3 months,Hope it will be complete by Aug 2008 so we can just move straight in.

      Well we made it back to the UK in one piece and looking forward to getting back and living the Aussie way.

      The only thing I never got chance to do, was go to the Peer tec and ask about courses and Regs Books for Electricians .

      Anyone out there that can point me too where I can purchase the electrial regs books that would be a great help.

      All the Best

      Pete L and Family

      Visa activated Oct 2007 ;)

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      Hi pete he is out their and learning to surf!!!!
      check out the thread on surfboards he gose under the name of chippie74
      I think thats him:D

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      Pete L

      Thanks Ali

      Thanks Ali

      Just trying to hunt him down to say hi and thanks.

      We had a long chat about all sorts .

      R u going to Adelaide too?

      we head out in 304 days time make that 303 as today is nearly over;).

      thanks again

      Pete L 44

      Dawn 42

      Kate 16

      Sarah 15

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      Hi Pete

      yes we are hoping to head out to adelaide. Hopefully sometime befor easter depending on when the visa goes through. we have just done our medicals so hopefully not to long now.
      We met Chippie once at a custard court get together and found him very pleasent. Have you got your visa or ar you still waiting?

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      Pete L

      Hi Ali

      Hi Ali

      Yep we got our visa last May .

      We have just got back from a holiday there to validate them and have bought land in Mount Barker and hope to start building in 3 months so it will be finished when we go in Aug 31st.

      Flights are booked and no going back.The only thing we have to do is shipping





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      I have sent chippie a pm letting him know about this thread so sure he will come across it soon


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      Feb 2007
      ashton under lyne / christies beach
      2 times
      hi pete/family
      glad you made it back ok!!!!
      your ears must be burning because we was only talking about you lot the other day to say how brave you was just to buy some land and build!!!
      my tools will arrive this week they have just gone though customs all ok.so when i go on site i will ask about sparks ect theres always someone who knows something or somebody ect,ect
      how cool was them dolphins!!!!! i seen them on thursday aswell when i on my surfing lessons
      speak soon lee/leanne


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