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      Question Young couple, Western Suburbs desperately wanting to make new friends!

      Hi all.

      I'm 22 Years old and my partner Ryan is also 22. We're both from South Wales, United Kingdom. To cut a long story short. We absolutely love it out here in Australia ... But, we are both finding it very, very hard to make friends here, and to be honest. It's getting us both down quite a bit. So i'm making this post to see if anyone else is in the same boat as us?

      We're an outgoing couple who are both very sociable, so we're hoping to meet up with other like minded people? Age doesn't matter. We have a house together at Thebarton. Western Suburbs. I'm also looking for a Zuma Partner too if anyones interested in joining with me?

      If anyone is interested in becoming friends with us, and organising a meet up, then please get in touch.

      Taryn & Ryan. :D

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      hey guys! im luke, im also 22 and ive been here like three months, live bit furthur down south, near brighton. im actually from gloucestershire, uk, so not to far from you back home either! anyway give us a shout if ya wana cach up for a drink somtime, ya not at stereosonic on saturday are ya? pm for facebook as well if ya want! cach ya ltr!

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      Hi guys

      Me and my wife are absolutely in the same boat so can empathise with you - very difficult to make friends even out here! So pm us and we can certainly arrange a meet up! Good luck

      Michael (32) and Stacy (29) - Somerton Park

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      ste and cheryl

      We've just sent you a message

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      Hi Luke. Thanks for the reply. Nah, not at Stereo! Ohh, so who did you move out here with and how are you finding it? & the whole meeting new friends etc? We'd be interested in doing something. We was thinking Friday night, but it might be a little short notice. We've just moved into a new place at Thebarton. So we will have to try and organise a house warming or something! We was living right down South, at Moana Heights, but just moved here as we were wanting something a little closer to civilization! Lol.

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      yeh i just came out on my own, well bored of the uk so thought id give adelaide a go, got a job prety quick which was good, though just seem to be working all the time now! loving this city though! work mates are sound so i kick it with them quite a bit, and im in a houshare as well, sound people so knok around with them quite alot. but yeh i imagine its a bit harder meeting friends if ya a couple. thebartons a nice area, its rite near stereosonic though, i cant beleve ya not going then! yeh good idea house warming. friday nite could be good, what ya thinking? some of the boys from work are going to a drum and bass nite at savvy if you guys are into that sort of thing? also facebook: luke greenhalgh, think im still on the bristol network, if ya wanted it, cach ya ltr!

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      Sent a couple of pms when posted earlier!

      If you wanna a beer....PM me

      Daniel, 31 and Stephanie, 30, Arrived 30th April 2008 and LOVING IT!!!

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      Hey, Im 23 and come from Bristol and my bloke Ben comes from Swansea so were near your neck of the woods. I know what you mean by having English mates it makes a difference. I have met some great aussies but they cant keep up with my binge drinking unfortunately. haha!
      We have met another couple the same age group as us and we quite often go on a bender down the bay or in the city.
      Add me on facebook because i rarely check back on here Christine Tucker i think I'm on the Australia network or email me lilsweetfeet@hotmail.co.uk.
      R u guys watching the cricket this weekend?
      Be good to meet some other pommies :)



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