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      xmas work do for the stay/work at home mums/dads/singles

      I have had so many friends say they cant come out for a night out the past week or so because its their husbands/partners xmas work do and they have to watch the kids...

      • Im a stay at home mum..meaning my collegues are nearly 1 and 5
      • I dont get a xmas work do..
      • I DO get to cook XMAS dinner, I DO get to do alot of WORK.
      • I do get XMAS, WORK and DO all in the same sentence.. but no alcohol or cheeky laughs involved...

      Surely I cant be the only one feeling like this...

      Anyone up for a Xmas Work Do for the ones that dont get one...

      Thinking friday or saturday the 17th/18th of Dec sounds good. Prefer down near Glenelg way but am open to other ideas.

      Everyone welcome....

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      Hi Danni
      A fellow Pom, Georgie, is doing standup comedy at the Rhino Rooms this Wednesday night - couple of us are going along to watch her, so you're welcome to join us (if it's not your Other Half's work do!!)
      Drop me a PM if you fancy it. It's an Open Mike kind of thing, where new and newish comedians get to try out stuff for 5-8 minutes (I think it is) and been there a couple of time, usually 10 or 12 comics on.... and drinks are cheap!!
      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      will pm you Diane thanks



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