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    Thread: meeting the neighbours

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      meeting the neighbours

      We moved to the area last December.

      Don't really get to see the neighbours as no one walks up the street they just get in their cars and go. We met the ones next door but they have no kids and did'nt seem to want to pursue a "relationship" though wesmile and say hello.

      I know there are a few children down the street - Do you think it a bit weird now to introduce ourselves by door knocking and suggesting the kids play together? I know mine are a bit lonely!

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      If you don't make the effort no one else will!:o
      It takes a while but we found meeting the parrents made it a little easier, so if their kids where bored they would send them round to ours, and vice versa.

      I know it's "awkward" but it helps you meet new people.
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      Go for it - we'd only been here a week or so when the teenage daughter of a neighbour knocked on the door and said "hello, have you got any children - I have a brother who is xx" - her brother became one of my son's best mates for the next few years. You wouldn't mind if the roles are reversed, so what have you got to lose?

      Alternatively next time there's a public holiday, drop some notes in the neighbours doors suggesting meeting for "get to know you" drinks at a local park, green space, if you have one nearby. BYO everything (chairs, drinks, snacks etc)!
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      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      our aussi neighbours knocked on our door to introduce themselves, man over the back even shaked hands, oppisite us bring over chinese when they have a cook up.
      i only wish they were our forever neighbours (were only renting)
      i make the effort to say hi , ask about their day etc, (walking the dog helps)
      definatly worth making the effort first, if nothing comes of it , at least you have tried, just keep saying hello, sometimes it takes time , weve been very lucky with our neighbours
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