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      Girlies & Guys Night Out Aged 18+

      Heyy girlies and guys..
      Me and a friend are planning a night out this saturday 9th.
      Just thinking of a few drinks at the seaford tavern? Was thinking about meeting there at 8ish =D My name is carly by the way.. Was just thinking it would be nice for people who havent really met people yet and even for people that have =) soo if you fancy it Just drop me a text on 0478118258 or facebook message me Carly Taylor | Facebook hopeing to have lots of drinks and a good old chat :P x Let me know, hope your up4 it should be a good evening! x speak soon Carly .. ohh and im 19 by the way :p x

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      Hope this sends this time :P it didnt the first time i tryed x



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