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      hi Amanda.
      We both met you at the Birckworks earlier. Glad you both enjoyed your trip, & have decided to emmigrate to Oz, We have read your post, & thanks for the info. We are waiting for a case officer, but haven't yet had medicals or police checks. As you we had decided on Adelaide, but this week I have been offered a job in Bunbury, WA, just 100 miles south of Perth, so like you we are turning away from Adelaide if we can swop sponsorship from SA gov to WA, see what happens. If we are unable to change vidas we will still be happy to go to Adelaide, but the promise of a job for me and my son, return flights, car, accomodation is just too strong.
      Keep in touch, and let us know how you get on.
      Dave n Sue
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      Hi there, met some of you a couple of months ago and promised I would post details of my reccie in Australia. What I have done is post on Poms In Oz as not to bore people on this forum reading about areas other than Adelaide. Before we went we had decided on settling in Adelaide, and did more research on Adelaide than any other area and of course, joined this fantastic forum but I do not know why, we did really like Adelaide, BUT we fell in love with Perth. Adelaide is fantastic, really liked it there and can understand why people want to move there and why people love living there, and the people are so nice, great facilities and so much better than the UK. For some reason though, we liked the 'sterile' look of Perth and the easy going stressfree lifestyle. We may change our mind, but at the moment, we are going to give Perth a go but still want to keep in touch with you guys on Poms In Adelaide if that is OK and if you arrange another Yorkshire meet please can I join you. I will bring pictures to show you and help any way I can.

      Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

      Amanda, Steve and Maisie xxx

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      jill wright

      Hi Amanda

      Hi Amanda

      Have been wondering how you'd gone on as I thought you must be back by now, from the jist of the e mail you so kindly sent me I thought you were veering away from Adelaide. we too are at the moment in a quandary as we are having reservations about going on the sir 475 (temp visa)and infact are thinking of cancelling it (hope we get our money back we havn't got a co yet so should do) and doing everything we can to secure the extra 5 points whether Phil sits the ielts test or tries to secure a job before going in order to apply for the perm visa (175 I think). Anyway would be lovely to catch up sometime the brickworks was fine last time Thomas loved it.


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      Hi all

      We aint been on for a while, so hope everyone is ok.

      We are a little step further down the road in that we have eventually sent off my vitssess form off for my skills test after eventually getting some references together.:D

      Glad you enjoyed your reccie Amanda and thanks for your incite into each of the areas you visited and it was an interesting read, which is allways handy to have as many bits of feedback as possible.

      Hope we can get a meet organised soon and we can look at your reccie snaps

      Has anyone heard from Happychick lately to see how they are getting on over there?

      Mark, Shelley, and kids


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