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    Thread: semi pro soccer.

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      semi pro soccer.

      Hi guys,
      Could anybody tell me if there is any decent soccer teams who play in Adelaide, as i have a nephew back in the u.k who's been scouted by teams from Perth and Melbourne. He is coming for a vist in dec and would love the idea of playing here in Adelaide so he would have a few people around to help him settle into life downunder. Please get back if anyone has any ideas. Thanks.

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      Adelaide's A-League team is Adelaide United, and the feeder teams for that tend to be those such as Metrostars, Blue Eagles, Adelaide City, Croydon, Para Hills....
      Have a look at http://www.footballnews.com.au/forum/ for some football people and perhaps ask there as that tends to be populated by more soccer-knowledgable people.
      Alternatively you could try a PM to Boxertony on here as he has a lot of experience in that field (scuse pun) and I'm sure would be happy to point you in the right direction.
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      Have a look at the South Australia Football Association (FFSA) website www.ffsa.com.au

      The top league for seniors is the Super League, teams in it are Adelaide City, Metro Stars, Adelaide Blue Eagles, Adelaide Galaxy, Western Strikers, Campbelltown, Croydon, Para Hills, Modbury, Raiders.
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