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      Would definately like to meet up when we get there. We are pleased to know that there seems to be a few people around this area. We were beginning to worry about the area as everybody else seems to talk about Glenelg and Hallett Cove etc.

      Would love to keep in touch. Nice to see you are having some experiance of the schools. We do not have any children yet but will be planning to in the near future once settled.

      Emma and James

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      do u ever go into the chat room as we could have a natter in there sometime?

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      Never been in there. When i sometimes check it there doesn't seem to be people in but this is during the day and i suppose people here are at work or in Oz are in bed.

      What is it that you both do?


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      don't know whether i am allowed to do this on here but feel free to add me on MSN if you have it and we can go from there!

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      oh, forgot, simon is an engineer and i am a pathology nurse!
      what is it that you guys do?

      leanne xx

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      Great thanks for that i've just added your address to our msn messaging thing. I will send you a quick note of my email too.

      James is also an engineer on aircraft and i was a legal secretary. I dont really fancy doing that anymore though so looking for a career change hopefully, depends on the money situation when we get there.



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