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      Aaron & Zoe Harvey

      A Bournemouth Newbie!

      Hi All,

      Well this is my first post! I was wondering if there was a meet comming up any time soon near Bournemouth? We were granted our visa 2 weeks ago and AAron (DH) leave the Uk on the 11 Mrch as for the boys and I we stay behind until june. would love to be able to catch up with anyone and look forward to being a member of PIA

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      ozzy wannabe
      Hi Zoe and Aaron

      Welcome and hello all the way from......... down the road i springbourne haha..

      There is a meet in weymouth soon did you see the other thread?

      What area are you hoping to go to?


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      Aaron & Zoe Harvey
      Hi Vicky

      I found the thread after I posted typical!!! We are only in Moordown.

      Well hubby is landed a job in central adelaide so anywhere I guess to be honest it's all a bit of a whirlwind at the moment. We don't know where the best place to be is but Aaron is staying with a friend up in Adelaide hills for a couple of weeks and will start house hunting in time for our arrival at the begining of June. Hopefully he will receive a bit of help from his mate of where to live and where not to! I cannot beleive it is finally happening! It has been quick too! we are going on a regional sponsored migration subclass 119 I think????? we only submitted our application on the 7th Dec 07.
      Would love to catch up with some locals! any details on when and where the meet is? are there any happening in Bmth?


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      Hello Zoe

      Welcome to PIA. My daughter, Rachael, posts on here and they live very near you in Victoria Park. They got their visas at the beginning of January, I have an Australian passport and my husband is going on a spouse's visa. We have just put our houses on the market so fingers crossed for quick sales then we'll be off. We went to the meet in Crawley last Saturday which was good. Didn't realise there was one in Weymouth happening!

      All the best

      Ronni (Veronica)

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      Hi Veronica
      Could you tell me where the meet in weymouth is being held, we are looking to do a house swap in december as we are coming over for a wedding, our house is in moana near the beach I did put a post on a few weeks ago but nothing at moment will keep adding one every now and then.

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      hello and welcome

      you missed the one in crawley

      can't find a new one with weymouth?!? any pointers??

      OR you could always start a new meeting like i did

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      ozzy wannabe
      its being advertised on the british ex-pate web site

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      Hello Wendy

      It's at the New Vic pub/restaurant which I think is on the seafront at 1pm on 27 Jan. I have got this info from the thread on News & Gossip - "Anyone going to the Weymouth meet?" or something like that. I came to live in England when I was a child, long time ago now, but when we lived in Brighton we used to go to Moana for the day - nothing much there then that I can remember only the beautiful beach. Looking forward to seeing it again when we get back - just got to sell the house!


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      Hi Zoe
      So nice to start seeing people near us are making the move too. We must live just down the road from each other!
      If you'd like a meet in Bournemouth, we could arrange that. Hopefully we could meet with Heidi and anyone else whose around this way.
      Not sure if we'll be going to Weymouth next week, not too keen if it's others from another forum as I don't go on those, so won't know who they are and it'll be harder to stay in contact. I just don't have time to go on others apart from PIA.
      We wont to the meet last week in Crawley which was great, nice to see the PIA people we chat to.

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      ozzy wannabe
      I know what you mean about others going to different places, but there are people on the other forum that are also going to Adelaide, Ive met some of them before. :o

      Did you see the other message I left on the other thread? It just says that if you are thinking of coming can you pm me with your details of names and numbers. As there are some many going the people arranging the meet need to let the New Vic know number of how many to expect.




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