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      wyles family

      we fly on 25th october is anyone flying then aswell??? we could meet up! family of 4

      hello, we have booked our flights to adelaide on 25th oct and was wondering if anyone else is going then to live? it would be nice to chat on the plane etc..and make new friends, we have two children ages 12 and 8 a boy and girl, we are looking to live around henley, grange, brighton, glenelg, and our son is into bmxing and daughter brownies and general girly stuff... my husband is a carpenter and we do up properties together etc...

      thanks rachel,marc,regan,renele took 3 years, cant remember all the dates of things but we are finaly going!!! 176 pr visa approved 7th june!

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      hello, we're flying on the 22nd from Dublin on a 175 pr visa, we have a daughter Amy who is 7, we were also looking at the brighton, henley area. Im also a carpenter and was wondering did your husband secure a job before ye arrive? I'm hoping to land one when we get there.. its an exciting and scary move but we're looking forward to it now..we'll keep in contact and see how ye get on..

      Alec, Sinead and Amy

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      I think Wizzywozza might be flying back then?

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      wyles family
      hello, no my husband has not secured a job yet, he is going to look when he gets there after we have found good area and school near the beach hopefully!! let us know how you get on and good luck... will be nice to meet you if we get the same sort of area, we heard brighton school is very good so we will look at that.

      we are getting very nervous now and excited, its all very stressfull now doing the shipping of goods early next week and will stay with parents till we go!

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      Hi Deborah here, We emigrated 2 years ago but returned to the uk after 4 months due to a family death. We decided to stay in the uk as we have a 8yr old girl called gracie and a 22 yr old paige(who did not come out with us). We are now in the process of finalising the sale of our house and will be returning with our older daughter to Adelaide, hopefully end of october/early november time.We will be staying with friends in the Coromandel Valley until we decide where to live. Previously we lived at henley beach. Lovely area but rent was high because we was situated near to the beach. If we can be of any help jus pop us a line. speak soon gud luck.


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      Hi, We are flying to Adelaide on the 25th as well but only for a month to get a feel for the place, hoping to get there permenantly around April next year. We are also a family of 4 We have 2 sons aged 6 and nearly 3! We sound quite similar, my husband(Shane) is a dryliner and ceiling fixer and we also renovate property!! Are you planning to do this in OZ? We have been trying do do research on finding jobs and getting contacts but it is quite daunting when you read about the lack of construction jobs atm.

      Maybe we could meet up at some point, bit of moral support and all that!

      Lyndsay, Shane, Lewis and Tyler.

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      The ryders in oz
      Hi, we fly to Adelaide on the 26th of november, we visited last month to get a feel for the place, and we have settled on west beach. We have a little girl Lola who 6, and a little boy Jude who is 3. Would love to know how you are all finding it, and maybe get together with kids for play dates when we arrive. Getting a bit nervous now, but very excited!

      Thanks Danielle, Sam, Lola and Jude.



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