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    Thread: Halloween

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      Quote Originally Posted by Diane View Post
      Remind me when you get here Snifter, as there is a great bonfire night type celebration up in the hills at Mylor for the winter solstice - I used to love bonfire night in the UK and this is almost as good.

      I think the whole trick or treat thing is so American - wasn't even all that big in the UK when we left - and I think the US has a big enough influence already without that particular one happening too here! Had to stop my daughter watching Disney films when she was smaller as whenever she played make believe she put on an american accent to do so!!
      I'd like the bonfire for sure. Being Aussie winter it'd be great to experience.

      And yes, with you there. Trick or treating really wasn't a big thing when I was a kid. We had small get togethers, sort of like a kids party with apple bobbing and a few games, orange jelly and chocolate bowls and that was about it. If that, most years it wasn't even that. It is only in more recent years the whole trick or treat thing became big news and fancy dress, themed parties and so on became popular. Like you I think the US influence has played a big part in changing how we celebrate it in the UK. Its now become a multi million pound industry and I just don't want to buy into it all for us as parents.

      I was one year when some kids knocked on the door (our first year of living in a town in eons so decided to at least have some sweets to hand in case) and said "trick or treat" so I got the bowl of chocs (mini Mars/Milky Ways etc iirc) and one of them said 'Is that all?". They were miffed there was only enough for 2 each in the bowl. I think they expected me to fill up their buckets. And hey, I'd even picked out the chewy and crappy ones beforehand.

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      Hi check out my post,
      If you can get here we are having a party and you are very welcome, other kids will be here.


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