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    Thread: Feeling sad

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      Feeling sad

      My wife and I today went through the house and marked out the household items we are to take, sell, dispose, etc.

      As much as we want to get to Oz, it is also quite a feeling of sadness. Each item in the house brought back many fond memories.

      Its going to be even harder when it is time to sell the house.

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      wyles family
      Dont worry, it is sad but you can build up new memories in adelaide. it was really sad for us as we had to rehome our dog, gerbils and fish!! and renting out our home was not as bad as selling but your home is where your family is wherever it may be... good luck we are going on tuesday and doing the really sad bit SAYING GOODBYE..

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      Hi, we have been in Adelaide for three months now and we too thought that moving out the family home would be a big upset. it was obviously a little on the sad side but now we have settled in to our new rental property and especially now we have all our furniture and belongings our old house is very much a distant memory. You will have so much to do and sort out when you first land. The most important lesson we learned was to bring everything you can!! even if you think you will not need it. we were told that we would have a job fitting it all in the container from three different removal companies so we got rid of loads of stuff only to find that once the container was packed we have a quarter left!!! and we have had to buy additional furniture once here.
      even our dog felt more at home once our furniture landed.

      I wish you good luck and a safe journey..

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      It is definitely a roller coaster of emotions! Migration is not for the faint hearted! I also feel like the Wyles family, your heart is where your family is, and you will always have those memories, although you think that you are leaving them behind. The memories will stay in your heart...forever. Look forward to making just as wonderful memories in Adelaide! Good luck!
      We are not taking any furniture, but we have send over 26 boxes. Our house have been sold and although we feel sad that we are moving at the end of October, we will take all the good times with us! That's not for sale!
      These feelings are normal!

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