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    Thread: family social

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      family social

      looking for any families in western suburbs or not too far away with similar aged children. ours are girl and boy aged 8 and 7 for get together, chat , drinks, etc. we are at west beach. Missing some brit company.

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      The ryders in oz
      Hi there!

      We move out to west beach on the 26th nov. My children are a bit younger than yours, our little girl Lola is 6, and our boy Jude is 3. It would be lovely to meet up, as soon as we get there. My husband and I came out a few weeks ago, we had 5 days to choose an area, house school and kindergarten. We settled on west beach, I hope we have made a good choice! How do you find it there? We have enrolled Lola at st mary's in Glenelg, do you know anything about this school? Just want it all to be perfect for the children!
      Thanks Danielle.

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      hiya yes west beach is great pretty much close to everything. What area of west beach are you. weare near the surf club.
      We would love to get together when you arrive. Dont know much about St marys as our children are at west beach primary.
      It takes time to get settled. Are you sending furniture over or are you starting a fresh? Where abouts are you from? We are from Devon. Cant believe you decided in only 5 days. Pretty fast work. Have you work lined up?

      You will probably need a few days to get over the flight but by all means give us a shout when you are here and we get together.

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      The ryders in oz
      It's so nice to here from somebody that is in the same boat! We are from Stockport Cheshire. The house that we are renting is on Broden street or road can't remember?? Looking at google maps I don't think we are to far away from the surf club. We have sent a container of furniture, but still have a lot of stuff to buy when we get there. We have been very lucky work wise as my husband (Sam) applied for a job within the same company that he works for in the uk, and got the the job!! Still in shock! He works for a company called grundfos, they supply and make pumps. How are you finding west beach primary? I went to look at that school it seemed really lovely, don't know if I've made the right choice with the school in Glenelg, I found it difficult choosing a school as there isn't much to go off, other than gut feeling.

      Looking forward to meeting up

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      West beach primary seems to be ok, although things are run a lot diffrently over here. You have to contribute for schooling costs but this isnt very much. My husband jason was born in macclesfied and lived in manchester during his childhood so he knows of stockport. When does your furniture arrive are you going to have an empty house untill then. We stayed in moana for the first 2 months while our furniture was on its way and then moved to west beach 2 days before the container arrived.

      We googled your address and you are closer than us to west beach primary, what made you change your mind?

      let us know if you need any more help or info.

      speak soon.

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      The ryders in oz
      Wow what a small world! I have my hair done in macc! Hi hi. With the school thing, I think I have fretted that much about taking Lola out of a school that she knows and loves so much making a decision on a new school has been a tough one. When we came over for the visit the relocating agent that we had gently pushed me in the direction of the catholic private schools, so I basically went with her on it. Although the west beach primary would be so much more convenient for us, as it's only walking distance from the house! Don't know what to do really??
      Not sure when the container arrives, really hoping it gets there before Christmas, as it's got my Christmas tree in it! But we are not holding our breath. How long did your stuff take? We have ordered some new furiture to arrive in the first few days we get there, so at least we will have a bed for the kids. I think being down the road from ikea is going to be invaluable in those first weeks !
      Anyway, I'm sure I'll have more questions for you at some point, so I'll keep you posted

      Thanks again, Dan.

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      Hi We have just moved to grange and have 2 kids Kelly 13 at high school now allergic to family time and a Ben age 7 who would love to meet other poms
      Ben has been at st francis primary at lockleys for 2 years just moved to grange primary so have done both state and catholic happy to share any info if required

      My Oh boss's wife is a primary school teacher and has loads of contacts (mostly in the state system) but has told me that west beach primary is one of the best state schools in the west and has a great rep with parents and teachers alike

      We are from worcs and Isle of man but have lived in the wirral 6 years prior to moving down under, We feel settled now and wouldn't want to go back but meeting other poms would be fun not many around here and Oh and I the only poms at each of our work too would love to meet up I work shifts but can be fexible

      good luck to the riders for their trip
      Deb x

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      It took 2 and half months for our container to arrive. luckily it come through quite easy and wasnt really checked for much. Its a great feeling when you get your belonging back, kids get really excited.
      Your coming over just in time for summer so the weather will be heating up now. We didnt use a relocation agent so i am not sure how much they do but i guess everyone has there own opinion. We have noticed that many of the brits head south of adelaide but we still prefer the west, even though there are not many brits here.
      PEACHIE - our son james is 7 years old and would more than likely get on with your boy. We are free most weekends if you fancy getting together.

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      Hi Yummie, just sent you a PM about meeting up this wkend, then noticed this thread.

      We are in the west too, in lockleys and would be up for a coffee on sat afternoon if anyone fancies it. Henley, Glenelg or Harbourtown suits us


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      Hi all we live in fulham gardens my kids are 9 and 6 . i also love the west its so close to eveything and great schools .
      we have been here 8 weeks on sunday and love it !! x
      Wayne 41 Carpenter ,Carolyn 38,Felix,8 and Ruby 6 - Logged 175 June 09 - Meds and police checks 10th May 11 -
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