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      Smile Bournemouth meet Sun 17th February

      Hi All
      I've arranged to meet with Zoe and family at The Angel Pub near Ferndown on Sunday 17th February at around 12ish. Anyone is welcome to come. I'll see what the response is like first and ask for numbers if needed nearer the time.

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      ozzy wannabe

      We will try and get there. will let you know for sure nearer the time.


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      Really nice to meet you all today at The Angel. Had a great time. Nice to make some new friends before we all head over to Oz.
      Good luck to Vicky and family on their journey next week and good luck to Aaron traveling over soon. All the best to Zoe - home alone with 2 boys! and to Jo and Matt as they start their visa process.
      Hopefully we can meet up again soon, before we go and when we get there!
      Rachael. xx

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      ozzy wannabe
      Lovely to meet you all yesterday. All over to ours for a bbq when you arrive.

      Will be in touch soon, take care and let us know how your all getting on. Good luck to you Rachael and James with the rest of the house sale and, also to you Jo and Matt with the visa application!

      See you over the other side

      Vicky, Joe, Jack and Darcey

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      Zoe, Aaron and the boys

      Nice to meet you all too!

      We had a really nice time on sunday great to meet you all as well!!
      Good luck with Everything Vicky and Joe will be thinking of you all in early March! We will have to all catch up soon hope all goes well with your flight and move. Hope everything continues to go well with the house sale Rachel and your mum and dads situation starts looking up soon :)

      Zoe Aaron, Isaac and Samuel


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