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      Meet up for newbies

      Hey my name is Aimee, I have been in Adelaide a few weeks and am looking to meet up with some English backpackers, I am 23 and keen to socialise and meet other people, to swap tips, places to go etc

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      Hi Aimee. I emmigrated with family 14/11/11 so al new to this!I'm Paige (22) would be good to meet up :) x

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      Heya where abouts are you living? wow emmigrting is a big step. I am currently AU Pairing in Adelaide Hills for a busy family. I leave xmas eve thought to go back to Sydney. I am finding it quite isolating not knowing anyone. Do you hang out any where? nice cafes or bars etc :)

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      Hey, Sorry for the late reply ive been having problems with this site(It wouldnt let me type in the box's for pm or anything!) Atm im with friends in coromandel valley until we find somewhere to rent. Yes emmigrating has been a big step and it is very hard leaving everyone back home!To be honest im in the same situation not getting out or socialising so i wouldnt know where to hang out. If you want to add me on FB incase this site plays up again im under Paige Chloe Hopkinson :) xx



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