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      Victor harbour

      Hi myself and my husband have been in Adelaide for a few months and are thinking of moving to Victoe Harbour in the New year. We are worried about the job situation there and how hard it will be to find work. Does anyone live there that could give us some advise on this????
      Thanks, jemma xx

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      I only know of it from our visits there each time I've been over. We've done day trips and also camped for a few days each time. I also know one of the local business owners as he is friends with my husbands family. From what he says of Victor (and others) is that its a lovely town but can be quiet in the off season and also busy during the party week when the school kids go a bit nuts. As for work, I think it will depend on what you hope or want to do. Quite a lot of the shops on the main street are touristy and there is of course Granite Island and the penguins bringing people in. As to actual companies or businesses in the town, I didn't see much outside of the main block although did wander quite a way in search of a few places.

      I do like it down there to visit and in an ideal world I'd probably rather live somewhere down that way and more out of town than in Adelaide but know this won't happen while we have kids at home and the family living in Adelaide. Its just that bit too far to want to drive on a regular basis for us.

      If you are looking for seasonal work or some such chances are this time of year you might find something. Although in the New Year there are only a few weeks left of the summer holidays and stuff but I'd rate your chances better then than in June. If you are looking for something more permanent then I'd say do some more research into companies and so on based there, do a reccie for a day and stomp round the place, check out local property rentals and so on.

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      Thanks for your advise, we have been a few times and do love the fact that is is out of the city and quiet. In England we Lived in a small Yorkshire town and we lived in Queenstown NewZealand for a couple of years, so we are used to the quiet season and do enjoy them too. I work as a dental Nurse and also any kind of reception. I also have bar experience but would like somthing more permanant. My Husband is a resercher in Labs but also has has experience in the retail for paint, carpet ect.
      We have looked at house prices and they are quite good. I hope work does come through as it will be a nice place to live.



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