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    Thread: Arriving soon

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      Hi Sarah, I guess you have arrived now, or are just about to. I know of lots of playgroups around the Mawson Lakes area, so it really depends on where you move to. I too have children of the same age (3.5 and 1.5 years). I found lots of groups that accommodated the ages of both my children so that none of them got bored.

      If you need any suggestions just let me know.

      Take care


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      Quote Originally Posted by gandylinger View Post
      Hi Emma, Ive just seen your post saying your staying in Warradale, we are thinking of this area too, in March this year, im trying to find out about the area a bit more, what do you think? Were just getting things finalised now, we are coming with 3 children 5, 4 and 4mnths ahhhhh the flight is going to be fun but sure it will be worth it, just wondered what you knew about the area, seems ok, n have you considered school, I believe there is one called Brighton Primary school in the area? Siobhain x
      Hi Siobhain
      Sorry I am only just replying I missed your post! Warradale seems nice, someone I know has just arrived there and says where she is staying is 10mins walk from the beach if that, 5 mins from the train station and 25 mins from Adelaide, so seems like a perfect location!!Im sure the schools are nice, I think there is actually a Warradale primary as well although I could be wrong! I know I am dreading the flights, partly because I am scared of flying too, great combination a 5 month old, a 3 year old, a plane and me!! ha ha!! I dont envy you having one extra!! I can let you know what I think when we arrive if you like, although I know you will be there only a month after us!! Are you thinking of working?? x x

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      Hi Emma, sounds great, please do keep me posted on your arrival and if you like the area, thanks. Were just in the process of finalising the sale of the house, waiting to exchange but desperate to book shipping company and accomadation but too scared dont wanna jinx it, whats your plans? R u going into furnished rental initially? Its difficult with children isnt it because you cant just manage. Ive got a friend whos a teacher from Blackwood (hills) and she has highly recommended the schools in this area although your kids are not ready yet but still good to know. I will be looking to work to keep me busy although the kids do I still like my own life, if u know what I mean, thinking of teaching assistant in schools if childcare is affordable otherwise just a little shop for now, what about you? Maybe if we stay in touch we will cu on the beach lol, cant wait now, ru all ready now? xxx


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