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      with all us novices playing a round, it might be the longest round of golf ever.I'll bring along a camcorder for the (greatest shots ever) and it might well be the funniest golfing video ever caught on camera.

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      Quote Originally Posted by theshearers View Post
      Steve is up for joining the Gallahs gang too even though he has only played golf about three times in his life!! He'll need a new hobby having just left the Marines after 22 yrs so golf could be it!!!!!!!!!!!! Am sure all you "Pro's" can show him the ropes!!

      And should there be a ladies section of the Gallahs forming I think I may be up for that, even though I have never played in my life!!! If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!!!!

      Hands up for teaching me and the husb to play golf then!!!!!!!!!

      if we find any one good enough we will send them along;)
      Ian, Rachel, Harry 16 & Georgia 13

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      I haven't played in 10 years, but would be willing to come along to lower the standard.

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      Leanne & Mark
      Quote Originally Posted by cormcvcr View Post
      Hi Leanne,

      It just so happens that I got myself a set of clubs last week, never played in my life, but willing to give it a go. I went to the driving range with my OH and kids to find out if I was able to even hit the ball, let alone get it any distance........I actually surprised myself and did not too badly. My OH has played a few times, but not enough to justify knowing what he is doing, my 9year old son was a star....... I'm hoping he will be the next Tiger Woods!!!

      We arrive in Adelaide on 2nd March, so definately look us up on PIA and we will see how we are fixed for a game x (can't promise you a good game though, as long as you are very patient I'm sure we can get something organised!!!)

      Oh yes definately, sounds we've found a perfect match, Mark has been playing for about 3yrs although this only constitutues around a dozen rounds!! I've been round the 9 hole once.. i don't think i was too bad!!
      Blake is 9 and learning too, Ethan is 5 and his getting pretty good! Livvy is 2 and has just the 1 club for now!!
      I think its a definate case of 'if you can't beat em..join em'
      Although your have to wait about a yr for us and clubs to arrive.(Better late than never)

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      sounds like fun

      hi ya Gallahs gang how you all doing am a fellow golfer well if i can call myself one seem to hit the ball but its like a bummerang always ends up one side or the other and not where its meant too:embarrassed:!!! I am a fan of the 19th Hole anyone else agree this is the longest hole to get out off :D you need more than a golf club.

      When we get out there i'd love to join you all for a few games maybe even do it every week lol gets me out the missis's way...... bless her little cotton socks


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      Sorry guys as chairman of the Flamin Galahs i missed this post looks like the membership could double very soon......sorry Ian & Pete. cheers Graham


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