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    Thread: sunderland meet

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      sunderland meet

      anyone fancy another meet in sunderland,didn,t get to the last one & was gutted.so anyone fancy a face to face chinwag with like minded folks get in touch. the past meets have been at the wessington pub just off the a19 ,easy to get to.dates i,m thinking of are fri 11th/sat 12th april cheers

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      Sorry Barmy I can't make that weekend - I'm going to London with the kids - any chance of another weekend or I'll just have to get to the next one

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      not sure of date yet .picked that one as my wife is working every weekend till then and choose fri/sat as kiki is just back from her oz trip n will need time to recover from flight.but its not set in concrete so watch this space

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      Thanks - I will

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      Think its a great idea to meet up with like minded north-easterns wanting to escape! Unfortunately, the weekend you are thinking of is no good for my OH. He works one weekend on and the next off but that weekend is his on shift! He says I should just go on me tod though, but I don't think I would dare!! Let us know if you arrange anything else and we will be up for it!


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      yeh should be able to make it the friday before if thats better think that will be better for carmen too let me know if that any good

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      i.ve forgotten i,m at work on friday so saturday is better for me but waiting to find tina,s shift for that day will get back to you tomorrow .if ok with tina is sat ok with yourselves

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      Yeah, I think thats fine, just let us know for defo nearer the time!


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