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    Thread: Thoughts for the New Year

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      Thoughts for the New Year

      Hey everyone!

      Haven't been active on the forum most of this year. We had quite a year.

      Another New Year about to dawn up on us and here we are in that new year's eve mood making that short lived list of New Year resolutions.

      A few months into the year it is back to default (for many of us at least) and the year becomes yet "another year".

      Use the remaining hours of the old year to reflect up on the months gone by, learn from ones mistakes, regrets, achievements and triumphs. Lets not wait on on others to make that change as change always begins with us.

      Live each day as if the next is the first day of a new year about to dawn and keep that spirit of adventure, compassion, caring, yearning for perfection and most of all love towards all those around you alive.

      HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! Wish you all and your loved ones a wonderful 2013!!
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      Zamunda,thats a really lovely post!Happy New Year and I hope its a really good one for you and your family!xx

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      Yes, thanks Zamunda. I agree that is a lovely and thoughtful post. Makes a lot of sense too! Happy New Year to you and you family.



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