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      alan smallman
      Hi Baz N Daf

      You Know, You've hit the nail on the head. That's the question that finally clinched it for us - where do we want to retire. The weather is gonna be better for the arthritis we'll inevitably suffer from as we get older (and our bad backs which we've inherited from working as nurses). Sadly, When we moved to Boston it was like a dream come true - we moved into a house which we wouldn't have been able to afford in Brum and it was in a nice little development in a village just outside. Unfortunately (and there's always one or two as we all have agreed) some people brought certain attitudes with them which spoiled it for the rest of us who wanted a quiet life in a nice quiet village. I think it has become a case now of Boston becoming bigger in terms of its population and as a consequence it's having to build accommodation, which eats up the green belt, and with the influx of more people, it also brings with it all the social problems you find in a city moreso than in quiet towns like Boston used to be. Bostonians that I talk to also tell me this. So here are we attempting to move elsewhere, but we're doing exactly what others have the right to do. It's a matter of (like you've mentioned) whether you have respect for other people and their needs and privacy etc. I bet they don't 'ball' outside Ricky's house do they LOL?

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      Alan & Pauline

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      Quote Originally Posted by BAZnDAF View Post
      We too are moving partly due to the social problems here in the UK, i don't for one minute think it will be crime free, but i would like to think the crime rate is lower, and having daughters can make you paranoid at the best of times.

      It is a case of where you want to grow old. We live in Denton near Hyde (Ricky Hattons home town), and every friday and saturday night froma approx. 10 o'clock onwards we will here police, sirens blazing screaming up the road, and this will go on till the early hours, when it all changes to the drunks stumbling home with broken volume controls on their voices, but then we do live on a main road so we shouldn't really expect people to respect others.

      We do find our current location a very unfriendly one, So we are hoping to find Adelaide a more friendlier place, and i have a belief that if i move to an area of expats then the place will be nicer, because we all wanted to be there rather than having to put up with being there!

      I hope i'm not wrong ;)
      Well put... exactly why we want to leave Oldham! Having kids defo makes you want something better... Jacinta
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      Quote Originally Posted by alan smallman View Post
      Hi Rache

      Maybe you're right - we certainly don't know not having ever been to Aus. I think a positive perspective is the right approach. What's interesting is the feedback that this has generated and the variety of perspectives people have in terms of what made them consider moving, and what it's like now having arrived in Aus. Many thanks for your reply.



      Yes most of us here quote the same reasons for leaving the UK, and what is quite refreshing about the feedback on this subject is the fact " a trivial little matter" by todays standards can stick out here in Adelaide,


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      Quote Originally Posted by sarahsmartiepants View Post
      EHC stands for elite hallett cove. They dont seem to be into the sort of trouble you are talking about.
      Dunno about that. Just outside the R-12 school recently a chav-mobile's occupant used a crooklock to whack some poor sod round the head a couple of times. Ambulance called, charges laid etc etc. Becoming more commonplace.


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