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      jill wright

      Happy Birthday The Rorrisons

      Hi Happy Birthday to you both

      it was a pleasure to meet you today Amanda and that goes for everyone else at the yorkshire meet. It made our dream of a new life in Australia even more real. We didn't know each other from adam but three hours later I felt like I was amongst friends. Good luck to us all espeicially Lisa and Aaron who will be there soon. good luck guys

      thanks everyone for a lovely afternoon (it was worth missing the grand national for the first time ever!!)


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      Hi that goes for us aswell really enjoyed meeting you all too, we'll have to do it again soon.
      Happy Birthday from us and hope you've had a lovely day hope everyone keeps in touch.
      Mark, Shelley, Courtney, Harry & Charlie

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      Thank you so much for the birthday messages, had a lovely birthday but not happy about being 38 - bit too close to 40 for my liking !!

      I really enjoyed yesterday, so nice to meet such a lovely bunch of people and would love to see you again soon, maybe I could arrange something after my reccie in April/May. Like Jill says, feel like I have made some friends and would love to keep in touch here in the UK and when we are all in Adelaide, happy and settled with a fanastic future ahead for us and our children.

      Courtney, thank you so much for looking after Maisie - she adored you as she doesn't usually settle so well with new people, you have the magic touch. Hugo was fond of you and Harry too.

      Amanda and Maisie xxx

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      Hi everyone,
      Just wanted to say we also enjoyed meeting everyone on saturday , cant believe we were there 3 hours seemed to fly by.
      We will definately stay intouch and let you knwo how it goes in adelaide.
      Hopefully we will be able to meet again down under

      Keep in touch

      Lisa , aaron and kyle
      Lisa (31) Aaron (34) Kyle (7) and Lucas (2)
      From Leeds
      Arrived May 08
      Living in Seaford Rise

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      Yorkshire meet

      Hi to everyone who we met at the Yorkshire meet on Saturday and a happy birthday as well. Time did seem to really fly by it's just a pity that visa applications don't fly as quickly!!

      Aaron & Lisa - Good luck with your flight to Adelaide and we will be in touch nearer to our holiday. Hope you have a really great start to your new life, and we're counting the days to when we can hopefully meet up again.


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