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    Thread: Its all happening!

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      Quote Originally Posted by sithewindows View Post
      I am getting a bit worried as things seem to be droping in place too easy.
      After years of trying to get back to Aus, we have got a visa, booked flights for Aug, found a short term on the front at Port Noarlunga, then last Saturday mentioned we would be selling our home to someone who knows someone. That someone has bought it tonight, with no estate agent to pay, and they want to complete in 3 weeks!
      It must all seem too good to be true, stw! But stop worrying about things going wrong when clearly things are going so right. Why shouldn't it work out right for you? Life's like that sometimes, so try to keep positive thoughts and don't let negatives bring you down. It sounds like you've worked hard at returning to Oz, so you deserve it. How long were you away before you began applying to return? Sounds like it's been a roller-coaster of a ride so far and with the house sale it must all seem a bit surrealistic. But enjoy the moment; it sounds like you're meant to come back! Good luck!
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