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      jill wright
      [quote=soccer65;32061]Hi Jill
      Same with me was a season ticket holder at Leeds untill got married and the kids came along.Take Sam down to Elland Road when we have some spare money,its a expensive thing to do every home match.Sam plays for the Kippax Athletic U13s in the Garforth Junior League,his best position is holding midfield but the team has lost a lot of players this season and he has had to play in the centre of the defence and try and help them stay up before we leave.Player of the year 06/07 & 07/08 weas well deserved.Have played at Osset a couple of years ago when the team was in Div 1 thats when they did have a good team,now stuck in Div 2.
      Got surveyor coming at twelve to check over house for sale to go through,touch wood everything OK.Keep in touch with your own progress

      Will do

      What visa you going on we're going on sir 475 and Phils a Baker which is on modl list so hopefully won't take long. just applied and gonna put house straight on market. By the way You should have come to the yorkshire meet it was good.
      Daniel is also very good at football winning a major award every year at presentation night ie players player,supporters player,managers player and like you we want him to keep it up in Oz (and Thomas (7)too)

      keep us uptodate with your progress

      The Wrights(yooooooorkshire)

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      Hi Andy

      Just read your post, we are 1/4 way through the process and my OT is a Leeds fan and will miss his footie but sure he can access what he needs via the internet. My question is we are avid Rugby League fans and follow both UK and Australian leagues. I know we will be able to see more games via Foxtel over there, but can you tell me are there many local teams around as i know my OT will be interested in coaching youth teams again and all the major rugby teams are down the East Coast and not found any in SA.



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      Hi Andi,

      I enjoy watching rugby but don't know too much about clubs in the area for this side of sport.

      But here is a web site that I have found and hope it gives you a bit more information.

      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x

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      There are youth rugby teams here and womens at all levels right up to state representation level. It is just not big like in the Eastern states and the teams are amateur here.

      www.sarugbynet.com.au for coaching n stuff
      Sailed SS Australis out of Southampton 1977.Arrived October in Adelaide via Melbourne 1977.Liverpool/London 1987 - 1992
      Adelaide 1992 to eternity:)and one day you'll wake up and stop counting how long you've been here.

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      Quote Originally Posted by soccer65 View Post
      Hi, i am a big Leeds Utd fan who when arrive in Oz early next year will miss going to watch.Can you let me know what its like watching Adelaide Utd or its better to get to know the rules for Aussie Rules Football.My lad Sam who is 12 is a very keen footballer and not been biased is the best player in h,is local team,whats the junior football set up like in Adelaide,do they play in leagues or is just friendly matches,and how do you get to join a local junior team.

      Cheers Steve 43(extruder operator)
      Lisa 33(neonatal nurse)
      Sam 12
      Georgia 9

      Hiya mate,

      Are you going to the Gillingham game next week?? Just got tickets for me and the lad, 56 the robbing *******. If everything goes to plan with the appeal it might be automatic promotion!!!!!!


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      Hi Steve,
      I was honoured enough to watch the first ever game played as Adelaide united after the two Adelaide teams amalgamated, it was bad first division stuff, but I managed to get on TV that day celebrating Adelaide united's first ever goal. to be fair i'm a charlton fan and it has been a damn site worse watching them this seaon than United, my main problem was after years of taunting Man U fans that they only lived around the corner I couldn't bring myself to chant "United" it went so far against the grain.
      They have improved quite a lot over the last few years and the games are normally packed with ex-pats trying to get their football fix, sadly the Ozzies use a meaningless word made up by the Americans to describe our wonderful game some thing called a soccer? maybe has something to do with socks?

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      Smile Fellow Leeds Utd Fan


      We have just recently joined the community having found this by accident. Noticed your communication and felt compelled to reply. I am a mad Leeds Utd fan, living in Wortley, Leeds I can see the hallowed ground from my garden!!. My wife is Australian from Adelaide. We went back last year and decided that Adelaide was for us. I was recently granted my spouse visa and we should be in Adelaide by September this year. Regarding Adelaide Utd we went to watch a match whilst there last year, against local rivals Melbourne. 12,000 sell out, entertaining to watch, good night for families, good ground, 7.00 entrance fee for adults. Have been watching Aussie rules on Eurosport, I'm supporting the Crows (better kit than Port Adelaide).

      Are you from Leeds yourself? (Marching on together).

      Darren and Fiona

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      bradford city
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      Hi, thankyou for your reply, we currently live in Kippax the other side of Leeds, hopefully will be able to make wembley and should be out in Adelaide in February 09, wife starts work in March at the womens and childrens hospital , bit confused at where we want to reside, which part of Adelaide will you be living, any advise would be welcome, dont want to live anywhere dodgy, Will continue to keep an eye on your progress, good luck with everything

      Steve & Lisa

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      Hiya, im 16 and looking maybe for an under 18's football (soccer) team. Wondering how many are out in adelaide and what is the quality of play??
      I also hear that Adelaide United dont have a youth programme, is that true??
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