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      Making New Friends

      Hi there,

      I've been in Adelaide 5 years now and recently become a single mum. I'm looking to make new friends in a similar situation to myself. I have a daughter age 10 and a son age 7. I'm 46 and we live in Hope Valley the Northern area.

      Hope to hear from you soon.


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      Unhappy Friends

      Hello Nettie, You need to keep refreshing the thread on here otherwise it just keeps moving to the bottom of the list all the time.
      I was looking on here for Resident Return Visa issues and also put a search in for Annette and Tim that came up with replys with regards our thread for house rentals back to before we emigrated!!!,it was very upsetting for me to read them as it seems like different people now.
      Take Care Love, I still miss what we could of had together.



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