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      only got 20 mins i am hear in adeilde and we are coming over to hallett cove on saturday so if anybody would like to meet up for a coffee and a chat we will be happy to meet with you


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      no problem we are still coming over to see what it is like went to the borrosa vally yesterday and found it one of the best places we have seen sofar we are stopping in the city so its nice to get out and see the real oz


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      well are last day in adelaide and its raining so just looking forword to getting home we have spent the full 12 days looking around the area and have decided its not for us there are some lovley places but one thing i would say to some of you that are coming out without doing a reccie good luck it is so layed back in adelaide it will take some getting used too when i get home i will spent some time explaining why it was not for us

      we have met some very nice people from adelade and all over oz


      mick and toni

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      at least you have visted us and liked some stuff, its not all bad here, and of course it is not going to suit everyone. Perhaps now you'll feel able to be more settled at home and appreciate what you have got. Good luck when you get home and don't feel you have to defend yourselves or your decision. Thanks for not being derogatory, or trying to put others off.
      Hope your trip here is retained in your pleasant memories folder,
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