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rats! just typed a great long report on the day, pressed submit and lost the lot - site is very slow tonight!

Anyway, it was congratulating Libby - thanks, blah, blah. Great to see folks, thanks for making the effort everyone etc.

Thought that I might open another bottle this evening and had a few when I got back on saturday - could someone email me photos (for those who have my email address!) so I can get copies.

It would be good to get another date sorted for another day out and perhaps someone could volunteer - I would love to do it, but don't get on here enough now ... Donna, Angela, Judi, Nichola???? What about aftrnoon theatre trip and dinner - we could start saving now?? But that is probably another thread to start someone???

Anyway off to crack a cork of the red stuff, fallen in love with it again!

Lots of love - cheers girls!
PS Fingers crossed, I don't lose this reply!
I'll be honest Sarah - having seen what Libby went through organising the last trip - especially with people dropping out etc - can't say I'm that keen on taking on the responsibility.