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PIA is going to trial recommendations for social activities. This will include recommendations for dining out (cafes/restaurants), gyms/sports clubs, bars/clubs, play parks/venues for kids.

What we are going to do is have threads in the appropriate forums which people can add their recommendations to. These will be sticky threads with a guide to what we hope you will include when recommending somewhere. Please do not start a new thread to recommend a specific cafe, bar, gym etc. Please add your suggestions to the sticky thread in the respective forum. New threads started will be merged into an exisiting one that is felt best suited.

If you are looking for ideas in these threads and don't see what you are looking for and are wanting to ask for a social activity/venue recommendation, please start a new thread and people can reply to you there with suggestions.

Please note that starting a thread asking for a recommendation for a trade or business is still allowed elsewhere on the forum. For example, if you require a plumber, decorator, tree surgeon, pool maintainence, hairdresser, TV repair, removal company, bank and the like, we do allow people to post a new thread asking others to recommend these.

Please do not include links to social media sites in posts. If a venue or group as an official website, please link that.


Out in the CBD recommendations

Suggestions for the type of thing to post in this thread

* Cafes, bars, resturants, cinemas, clubs, theatres

Please try and include basic information if applicable such as location, costs, opening days/times and any other information you feel will help.

Please note this list is not exhaustive and only includes some of the most common suggestions. Please drop a PM to @snifter or @Blossom if you are unsure about something you wish to post and recommend here. Thank you.