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      Thinking Australia Seminar Tomorrow

      Hi all, myself and my boyfriend Steve are off to the Thinking Australia Seminar tomorrow in Warwick. Is anyone else going? If so, would love to hear from you and maybe meet up?

      Julie x

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      Hi Julie,

      We will be there tomorrow. We are travelling from Burton on Trent. Should take 57mins according to autoroute. However I'm driving ! So we are setting out a bit earlier. Our letter said that we need to be checked in for 12pm with a 12.30pm start but we had a confirmation email the other day saying it's an 11.30am check in for a 12pm start so we are aiming for 11-11.15am and grabbing a coffee if we are too early. Not sure how we will meet up as I'm signing out shortly and won't get chance to get on tomorrow as I know I will be running late because I hate getting up . But if you see a woman with black straight hair in a beige suit looking fairly lost that will be me I'm sure. Doesn't narrow it down much does it Lol!

      If we don't meet up I will catch up with you on here after the seminar.

      Hope it goes well. I wonder how many will be there? I bet it's surprising just how many are off to OZ.



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