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    Thread: Hubby meet up - looking to meet with other active job seeking arrivals

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      Hubby meet up - looking to meet with other active job seeking arrivals

      Hi all, We’ve been here for nearly 4 months and my poor husbandis actively and unsuccessfully looking for work in the logistics management sector. He’s starting to get really despondent as heleft a well paid job in the UK and had always expressed his concerns atsecuring something here and it seems his fears are now materialising. We came out on the back of my work and I’m inemployment but feel responsible for the situation he’s now in. Having alwaysworked and never been unemployed, this is really starting to take its toll onhim.. It doesn’t matter how much I try and motivate him and tell him there is arole there for him, he’s just so fed up. To be fair he has good days and badbut he can’t even get a foot in the door for an interview despite being told byrecruiters his experience is great.
      I think it would help if there were any other guys out there in asimilar position or who have been in a similar position that he could talk toor just have a beer with. He spends dayafter day trawling job sites, contacting companies etc and is really stuck in arut. I think he’s in need of some malebonding and just being able to let off some steam with someone other than meand the kids.
      Frustratingly there are tons of opportunities across inMelbourne and people have expressed an interest in him from there but we aretied to SA for 2 years due to the visa and I am working so would unlikely to be released to move earlier (not that we want to move as we do like Adelaide with all its peculiarities). My worse fear is he gets to the point wherehe just wants to go back…which is something we said we would never consideruntil we had tried other states....and it's certainly not an avenue I want to explore!
      So, if there is anyone out there who fancies a meet up/ chatwith him, let me know. We’re in the south by the way!
      Thanks in advance

      SA SS applied for 13/05/13; EOI invitation 06/06/13; 190 Visa grant 18/10/13, Reccie 03/04/14...landed in Adelaide... 9 April 2016.

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      Awful Feeling. I know I've been there. The only thing I could say is forget the phone calls and turn up in person if he hasn't already. Adelaide for new migrants is going to be insular it takes forever to feel that you're established. Maybe arrange meet ups on FB. Although I did the same and met a few people I wished I never. Don't lose hope though. Silver linings always show up in unexpected scenarios

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      Hi, can't help much on the job front..... But if fancies a beer I'm happy for a chat etc! We are in Hallett Cove!


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      If you wanna a beer....PM me

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