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      Calling all teenagers in Adelaide

      Hi everyone,

      We are bringing my daughters who are aged 17 and 15 out in August for a reccie. We are planning to look at Flinders Uni and performing arts schools, as well as houses and jobs etc. I would love the girls to meet up with other teenagers already over there so they could get some idea of what its like to live in Adelaide (they are both a bit unsure about it). Is there anyone who would be willing to meet up? We are in Adelaide from 9th August for 8 days.

      Thanks :)

      Steve, Julie, Beckie and Mel

      Reccie in August

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      Hi Julie210 our eldest daughter (17yrs in August )is unsure of our move but we will be there in July and i'm sure she will be willing to meet up as well as ourselves.I know we would have been there only a month but hopefully we can give you some idea. Amy isn't even sure what she want's to do ie go to college/work e.t.c. so she will be finding out what there is to do and will hopefully be able to give your girls an idea even if it will be early days for us.
      How far down the visa process are you?

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      hi my name is debbie we landed here on 31/07/08 and we have two teenagers Adam 14, Katie 17 and husband Reeve we are currently living in Sheidow park how are yous finding it? My daughter Katie does not know what to do either to go back to school or college she would be glad to meet up with your daughter. Where abouts are you stopping? Looking forward to hearing from you.


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      hi there,
      been looking at flinders university for my son, and there is an open day on 17th august. will you still be there then or on way home? we are hoping to fly out dec/jan, so cant really help with the guided tour im sorry! but check out the uni website for more details.\ ceri

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      Hi Ceri,

      We are currently packing to go out on our reccie, flying out tom and arrive in Adelaide on 9th. We will be going to the open day at Flinders and looking at Adelaide Uni while we are out there. Will let you know any info when we get back.. We are back in the country on 29th Aug after seeing Adelaide and Sydney with a much needed chill out in Dubai on the way back!


      Julie (42 on 9th Aug!), Steve 43, Beckie 17 and Mel 15
      Reccie 7th Aug

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      Hi There,
      I can't help with the August reccie, but this thread is topical for us also. We will be arriving permanently on 26th November ( a while away yet!!) but would also like our daughter (aged 14) to meet up with a few teenagers when we arrive. She will be starting school end january and will no doubt make some friends then, but its quite a long way off from when we arrive, and we'd really like her to be able to meet people her age range from when we touch down. We will be settling in Henley area initially. Don't mind driving her to meet a few people.

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      im nearlly 16 and i would love to maybe meet up with a few people.
      ive been here 7 months and still find it hard to meet new people. its definatly hard!
      soo yeahh, Let me noo :)

      Leona xo

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      heya sorri the post is a bit late considering we are in september now lol, but yh your daughters should start to enjoy here, it takes time at first but you start getting usd to it, im brad and im 17 nd have been here for about 3 nd half months now, and i am enjoying it, its alot diffrnt from the uk and is so much more laid back here, but i cant wait for the summer now, and it would be a pleasue 2 meet up wid ya daughters if they want, and i could help you out with answers when ever, just gife me an email, thanks alot brad


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