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      liverpool meetup....can I come next time!!?

      hi everyone, just been looking at the photos and reading threads from your last meet up, and i want to come to the next party!
      we are emigrating in December/jan, just waiting for hubbies visa(i have an oz passport)
      have sold the house and renting till we can go..im chomping at the bit!
      will you let me know when and where you are next meeting up as id love to meet you all! thanks everyone......ceri (crosby, liverpool)

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      hi ceri course you can come the more the merrier, and merry we will be!!!
      we might be having a girls night out in the next few weeks or so, some of us are stressed out at the moment no dout you know how this feels hey
      keep your eye on the posts to see how things get on ok hun



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