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      Question Any Suffolk people living in Adelaide?

      Hi everyone

      We're in the process of obtaining our visa and have just had a positive VETASSESS. All going well we should be coming over next year. We're from Suffolk and I wondered if there are any other ex-Suffolk poms in Adelaide (we're about 15 miles north of Ipswich)? I would be keen to hear what you have to say about living in Adelaide.

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      yes we are ex suffolkies, (nr bury st edmunds) but we`ve only been here 3 months, but so far so good, we are living in the hills, anything you want to know send me a pm and i`ll try to help if i know the answer.

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      You must be somewhere between Stowmarket & Bentwaters then!
      I'm from Creeting St Mary, near Needham Market.

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      We too are in Suffolk and have just got our Visas. We aim to be going over next April. We are in Mildenhall, 15 miles from Bury St Eds if anyone wants to chat or meet up before going ? At the moment we are trying to decide whether we want to stay with a fairly rural location in Oz, or whether we want to try something a bit different and more city/suburb based. I guess we will get a feel for it once we get there. Anyone else got an opinion on this?

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      Thanks for replying. We're in a little village about 5 miles from Framlingham.

      I was near your old village last week, visiting the Needham Market Lakes with my two children. Very pretty, but unfortunately the dear old British weather put a bit of a dampener on it!

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      Thanks for replying to my thread. Do you mind me asking why you are emigrating to OZ, and have you visited Adelaide or anywhere in Oz before?

      Hope you don't mind me being nosey, it's just that I've noticed a lot of people on PIA take the plunge and emigrate without ever seeing Adelaide/Oz first, which is something we're toying with because it's so expensive to visit. However, I am wobbling a bit and feel a reccie may be needed.


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      My case is a bit off the norm. I was recruited from the UK by the Aus government & after a training course originally destined for Brisbane, where I've been on hols & know people. That changed to Sydney, where again I've been & know people. Then it changed to staying in Melbourne where by that point I'd been for a while, and lastly to Adelaide where I'd never been in my life & knew absolutely no-one!
      My feeling so far is that Adelaide has little to offer as a holiday destination, but it seems a very pleasant place to live, particularly for families with young children. Climate-wise it's southern France; I've had a frosty car once this winter, but it has rained nearly every day since we arrived. Having said that, the rain tends to fall in localised showers rather than setting in for the day, and when the sun's out it's beautiful.
      Why did we emigrate? We were getting to a point where we were out-growing our house & wanted a challenge, & the opportunity came up. Will we stay? We've set initial review-points of one year & five years.
      We've had some major wobbles since we've been here & more than once have been on the point of going home. However, the question that stops us is "if we went home now, what would our situation be? Would we be better off?".
      I don't think that Oz is the necessarily the land of milk & honey. There are so many pros & cons on each side that I think is really comes down to individual choice. I miss my family terribly, but I hardly saw them when I was in the UK (they are on the south coast & in France). I'm hoping that although I'll see them less the time spent with them will be of a better quality. & there's always Skype!
      Has that helped? I doubt it! However, as you've found on this site there are plenty of Brits out here who will help each other over the rough spots.



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