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      Hi,, Richard and I have just joined... We are in the "research" process of our plan to move to Adelaide!!! Very excited at the prospect of the big move. Any advice on how the best way to do it would be more than welcome as the more research we get,, the harder it seems!! The questions I have that are probably different to Richard are the schools,., Which are the good ones in location to the neighbourhoods and Adelaide city.. We have 2 sons: Stephen (aged 12) and Bradley (aged 10). Stephen enjoys music, plays drums and is in a band, therefore would like him to settle into something similar where his drumming career can continue. Bradley enjoys sports.. Plays football (most evenings!) Plays for one of the local clubs in the first division, Plays for his school and learns skills at the brazilian football club! We have a cousin that lives in Henley Beach (she doesn't have kids so cannot give us the details required)!
      Also,,, Is it better to find employment before applying for your visa?

      Looking forward to hearing from you already!

      Richard & Yvonne (and Stephen & Bradley)

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      Welcome and good luck over the next months! Your boys are probably primary school age here (High School starts from Year 8) but you probably need to start off considering if you are looking at state or private high schooling for them. If you are looking at a State High School, then most of the better ones are quite strict on only guaranteeing places for children living within their catchment area. That means if you are renting, you need to show at least a one years rental contract, as well as utility bill to show you are actually living there. For private schools, you can live anywhere, and it's just a matter of choosing the school, affording the fees, and 'selling' your child's talents and skills to the school!
      Perhaps the first step will be deciding where you might like to live. Hills? Beach? How long a commute into work is acceptable to you? Do you need to consider public transport facilities? Do you prefer older style housing on bigger plots, or new developments?
      Once you have made some decisions on that, you can start looking at schools in that area - some high schools have specialist music programmes, others have specialist sports programmes. One of the best state schools (in my opinion and that of many aussies) is Marryatville High School, but Adelaide High and Brighton also have very high reputations. Marryatville is in the East, Adelaide is in the Centre, and Brighton is in the West. Elsewhere there are other good high schools too, but those are ones I know of that have excellent music and sport facilities. There are plenty of soccer (football) clubs around, and most schools now have school teams as well. That will again depend on where you choose to live.
      In terms of employment, it depends on what your job is. There are many different visa options, including some where the employer is a sponsor for you, but best to speak to a migration agent about those. There are migration agents in the UK, or some good ones in Australia who might be able to help or advise you. If you'd like a recommendation for one here, just ask!
      Hope that's a start anyway.....
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