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      visa and skill assesment

      Hi having read previous posts on length of time skill assesment for nurses and midwives are taking and we would like to ideally be there in time for christmas 2009, I wondered whether you can apply for the visa at the same time as waiting to be registered or whether you have to do things in order.


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      Hi Karen

      You need to apply to NBSA and ANMC first as that is your skills assessment part, you need to have completed your skills assessment prior to applying for your visa. A straight forward no problem application will take around 6 months for your skills assessment and then your visa, all visa applications take a different amount of time, there is no real average time. Some people who apply for 175 can take 3 months others can take up to 9 months to process, there seems to be no consistency, probably depends on whose desk it lands on. I would start your application now then everything is in place for when you go. I applied to NBSA end of May, received acknowledgment beginning of June, it should be processed next week sometime. It is a real lengthy process, be prepared to be frustrated and then some.

      Good Luck

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      Hi there,
      like mary, i have done a modifieds assessment........
      sent the application 17/04/08 and after some minor delays, just heard i am eligible for registration; total about 20 weeks!!!!

      I am so happy, november looks like a goer

      Good Luck, any questions, just fire away


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