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      Meet up Henley Beach Yesterday

      Just wanted to say that despite the cold, windy weather at Henley Beach yesterday, we thought that it was a great day overall. We met some great people. We came away feeling very positive and have made arrangements to meet up with two couples for a night out next week.

      Think more of these events more often would be great, as it can feel lonely out here sometimes. Maybe picking different locations (with a pub nearby as an essential). Thought the beach setting was a good item - it was just a shame the weather did not comply.

      Daz & Fi :)
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      Hi Daz & Fi

      Was great to meet you on Saturday and are looking forward to seeing you both again this weekend!

      Read your original message about confirming the plan for Saturday, but can't seem to get to it now so thought I would reply to this!

      I got the job at the shoe shop and am going in tomorrow to sort out the paperwork.

      Will confirm the plan for Saturday as soon as we know.

      Will be in touch soon.

      Tracy (& Andrew) XX


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