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      Been to visit the campers today. Its a bit damp there but everyone seems to be happy and are having fun (some more than others but Jools has told me not to go there:D).

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      Judging by our experience of the last week in b/pool I would say a bit damp might well clasify as the under statement of the year Pete I'm not suprized jools didn't want to go there:p

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      Well, best laid plans and all that - we were so looking forward to driving up today and putting faces to names, and generally chatting to others who understand the obsession :)

      .....but its gone pear shaped :(

      Oh well - there'll be other times we know - in the meantime, everyone have a FABULOUS weekend and we're lookng forward to reading all about it as the next best thing to being there :D

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      Well well well.....! We have returned from our small but fun 1 night camping trip! Meeting everyone was great..... Sounds like we missed the best of the fun on fri night!!! Pete....think you'll be in trouble just for mentioning that little bit!! LOL

      It was a bit damp....but it is what you make it and we still managed a BBQ of sorts! Staying up chatting...still raining.....went to bed....still raining! Woke up....still raining! But still had a laugh!

      The meet at the pub was excellent...even the pub seemed to cope with the numbers! Sun almost shone but then it rained again! Tried to get round as many people as possible but probably didnt manage everyone!

      All in all a damn good weekend....! Lookin forward to another one...before we all scarper!

      Dan and Steph
      If you wanna a beer....PM me

      Daniel, 31 and Stephanie, 30, Arrived 30th April 2008 and LOVING IT!!!

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      east mids meet

      Hi evryone,

      Had a great afternoon at the meet, shame the weather was typically british!!.
      Good to put some names to faces, sorry did not get to chat to some. Hope to meet you all again soon either here or on the other side.

      Respect to the hardy soles who camped. Sounds like you had fun all the same
      Ian, Rachel, Harry 16 & Georgia 13

      Arrived in Adelaide 14th June 2008

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      yep, we are recovering from the 'dampness' - but as said before: the camping was still good fun.
      shame that our kids were poorly and we had to leave a day early ... or maybe that was a good thing considering the last night was wet wet and more wet ;)

      but it was great to put faces to the names and the posts and get 'the network' running even better :D

      i wouldn't mind another meetup either!!!

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      Hi everyone who was at the meet on Sunday,I hope you all got back ok.It was lovely putting faces to names.Thanks to all of you who suggested the meet or arranged the pub.
      Heather,John and Oliver.

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      It was great to come along and meet you all. Also nice to chat to like minded folkes who actually understand all the "fun" applying to migrate can be!!

      Hope to catch you all at the next meet up - let's make it soon, and then we can squeeze another one in before Christmas!

      Tracy and Matt

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      Good to see you all at the meet and put some faces to names - whoever had the idea of name labels - good on ya! Might see you all again at the next one depends if it falls before the end of October!


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      Simon & Carol
      Hi everyone,

      Sorry we dashed off early and didn't get a chance to meet many of you. Unfortunately we spent the first hour waiting for our food then eating it and by the time we got outside to join the group it started pouring with rain ... AGAIN!!! Normally the rain wouldn't have bothered us so much but after a very wet night of camping we'd had enough and just wanted to get home and have a nice hot bath. :)

      We did enjoy the camping and the meet up in spite of the weather. We met some great people that we'd be very happy to meet up with again. Thank you to everyone who helped us with the camping, especially Ralph and Bev (for helping to put the tent up and lending us your gas stove), Pete (for helping to put the tent up and with blowing up the airbeds), Dan and Stephanie (for the much needed food) and Susi and Ashley (for the cups of tea and somewhere dry to sit). Thanks to everyone for your great company. the weather might have been a let down but we couldn't have wished to meet a nicer group of people. I don't think we've been put of camping completely but I think maybe we're fair weather campers, maybe we'll have another camping weekend once we all get to Oz? If the weather's dry you can count us in. ;)

      Look forward to the next meet up.



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