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    Thread: moving alone!

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      Hi Steve
      You are the first official male member of the club! I'm glad you are so happy in Adelaide. I must admit it's so good to hear from all the 'solos' that have emigrated and made a huge success of it!
      And, Heather good to hear from you too! I am going for a another trip in July for a month so I'm sure at some point we can all meet up

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      Hi Steph , well done on the sponsorship. we're running the same sort of schedule. don't worry about doing it yourself i did it myself the first time ( 17 years ago) and it's a doddle, just get involved in things and you'l find that it's a lot easier to make mates out there than here. This time i'll be married :D but i'm pretty sure Fiona would be glad to be rid of me once she see's all those hunks out there ! lol... i see your learning guitar ,stick in at it , I, can play it too... really crap so if we can't find work we can go busking ...they pay to stop us ... ha ha..! good luck stu and fiona.:p

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      Hi Steph
      I'm not going alone, but thought would give you some support
      Denise (42)
      Graham (48)
      Clive (21)
      Carlene (18)

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      Well keep in touch & hopefully we can meet up!

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      Dont be worried to much

      Hi, just seen your thread and thought id send a quick one ....new to it here too. We'll be moving there in the next year although we live in Perth at the moment. Me and my husband are from London and we used to live in Tooting too! So maybe start a South London meet up.
      This is a real quick message as the last one i typed didnt go through and it was a long one too. So we'll be staying on this forum now as we cant wait for the move to Adelaide. Audes and Darryl xx

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      welcome to the site,
      if you dont mind me asking why are you moving from perth?also have you been to adelaide before?

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      Oh good it worked this time.....i forgot to say that my family are all from High Barnet ....i know it well. We used to live in Tooting Broadway...the only thing my hubby misses is the pie and mash shop there and Chelsea football days out.
      I used to drink in the Spirit bar as i lived around the corner in Garratt Terrace. Been in Oz for 2 yrs now. Perth just became too expensive, and for where it is feels very isolated at times. I only say this as we have extensively travelled around the world and theres not many choices this end.Cant say we miss the London traffic, pollution.....but do miss decent shops and of course good ol' Primark!
      Im a hairdresser (20yrs in the industry, Southampton ,London,worldwide) and a good socialiser and listener and a very good hairdresser of course!. I'll be setting up from home once our house is built and will also be new to Adelaide.
      Starting from scratch is always abit scarey but an adventure too good luck with your plans ahead. xxx Audes

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      hi myrtle,
      Just read your thread.......... Now i know this is working ok im going to have to write a very long one explaining about the pros and cons of living in WA or Perth more so. Some may not like it but we've had along time here to know it wasnt for us. Yes we have been to Adelaide and actually loved it for many different reasons ,i'll explain. We're going to enjoy the rest of our time here and cant wait for the summer to roll on....its been freezing the past few months....at night that is and ive had a cold for the past 8 days!?

      Im just about ot have my dinner so sometime this week will explain all.
      Take care Audes xxxx

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      i'm moving with family and thats going to be hard enough!!! I only have admiration for those of you who are going alone! If I had the courage I have now when I was younger I would have done it alone, however they say thay youth is wasted on the young .
      We are just starting the process however hope to be in Adelaide by Nov 08 Fingers crossed!

      daude- I am also a hairdresser (only in the UK so not as travelled as you) 18 yrs! Ive worked for a named salon. why have you decided to work from home?

      Anyway good luck to all you "going it alone" you can still chat to us that are going with others but it must be reasurring to know others are in the same boat as you.


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      Hi nikki,

      Oh dear i cant seem to get off this sight tonight...me dinners getting cold.
      You asked why im going to be doing it from home???? For a starters ive been in the industry for years and years and years. Having moved to Australia i have seen many atrocious things not just in the hairdressing but more so the work ethics here, the way things are delt with has been shocking (not every salon I know) but it is my experience and what i think. I have been very fortunate to have had many good years..managing salons, running my own business and at the moment enjoying my work as working with another English gal whos been in the industry as long as me so we understand why it has been so frustrating. I now dont wont the bother, hassle and abit more freedom for me.
      I will be writing a different thread on the hairdressing here so keep your eyes out for it and if you need any help with questions i'll answer what i know.

      So im def. off for tonight over and out. Take care xxxx


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