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      Lisa Marie

      Adelaide Expats Meet up Group

      Hi All

      I have recently taken over as organiser for the Adelaide Expats Meet up Group.
      Originally the group was set up as part of a meet up website.

      I have relocated the site to myspace.com/adelaide_expats

      Please stop by and register on myspace and add the Adelaide expats to your group.
      It is a great site to register to, to keep in touch with family/friends back home, post photos onto and join our group. It is easy to register and allows you to set your profile to private so that only people you have added or given your email address to can see your profile.

      I am planning our first meet up for mid - end of July depending on peoples availability for a mid year Christmas meal at a pub. (children welcome too!)

      Hope to hear from anyone interested.

      Lisa :)

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      This has already been out on the forum so will close this to stop repeat threads ;)



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